Weighted Power Sled

Weighted Power Sled

Weighted Power Sled


The PRISP Weighted Power Sled is the ideal addition to your training equipment. This prowler is compact, heavy duty and a versatile tool to help you improve your power and strength.

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Manufacturer: Prime Selection Products

EAN: 5060568680668

PRISP Weighted Power Sled

A True Workhorse

The Sled

The power sled, or prowler sled, is a staple of conditioning routines. This tool offers one of the best return on investment of any gym accessory, as it can produce incredible results in a very short period of time.

The Sled Push

The most common exercise performed with a prowler sled is the sled push. Load up the sled with weights, get into position, push. The height at which the poles are gripped affects the resistance as well as the muscle group used. A high grip (body at 45-degree angle) is recommended for beginners and will work muscle groups more evenly. A lower grip (body closer to a 90-degree angle) will make it easier to break inertia and will focus the workout on leg and calf muscles.

The sled push mimics the lower body mechanics of running but without the repeated foot-to-ground impacts. This means significantly less wear and tear on articulations over time.

Other Exercises

A harness (not included) can be attached to the sled, which allows for a wide variety of pull and drag exercises.

A Versatile Tool

Push Poles

Push Handle

Plate Holder


2 removable push poles to accommodate high and low push/pull stances.

Removable push handle for low stance push training. Allows for a safer grip on lower grip stances.

Can be loaded with Olympic (2" center holes) weight plates for increased resistance (weight plates not included).Can be loaded with Olympic (2" center holes) weight plates for increased resistance (weight plates not included).
2 sled harness anchors for pull functionality (harness not included)

Suitable for most surfaces:

  • Grass
  • Turf
  • Astroturf
  • Track
  • Sled lanes
  • Sand

Heavy Duty

  • Made of heavy duty, long-lasting steel
  • Increased durability and life-span
  • The skis are weighted for better stability

Dimensions & Weight


  • Assembled (with poles): L x W x H: 102 x 60 x 101 cm / 40 x 23.5 x 39.75 in
  • Poles: Length x Diameter: 94 x 5 cm / 37 x 2 in
  • Handlebar: H x W: 42 x 68 cm / 16.5 x 26.5 in
  • Skis: L x W: 102 x 8 cm / 40 x 3.15
  • Box: 106 x 66 x 10 cm / 41.7 x 26 x 4 in


  • Net: 33 kg / 73 lb
  • Box: 35 kg / 77 lb

PRISP Weighted Power Sled


Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or are a pro, the PRISP power sled will quickly become an integral part of your workouts.

As with any gym equipment, users should always exercise caution and be aware of their limits when performing strength training exercises. Please make sure you are comfortable with the basics before moving on to more advanced exercises. For use only on suitable surfaces.

Push Yourself

This prowler is a compact, heavy duty and versatile tool to help you improve your power and strength.

A sled workout engages several muscles and muscle groups:

  • Glutes
  • Calves
  • Hamstrings
  • Hips
  • Back
  • Core
  • Triceps
  • Shoulders
More Information
Includes 2 x 37" removable push poles, suitable for both high and low push drag stances
Includes a removable handlebar attachment, ideal for a safe low push position
The mid-section can be loaded with olympic weight plates (not included) to increase the difficulty
A harness (not included) can be attached to the sled for pull exercises and workouts
Suitable for most surfaces including grass, turf, astroturf, track and sled lanes. Net weight: 73 lb
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